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How the Pieces of a Business Fit Together

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The Online Learning Group is a joint venture between ltd and Connect Soft ltd, two British companies who are interested in helping spread useful information, advice and guidance on management skills.

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Course Modules

The course is split into segments, such as starting a business, managing sales staff marketing. You will be offered the course that relates to the advertisement that you clicked on to enroll.

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Find answers to your questions here. We answer all the most commonly asked questions.

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Run Your Own Business? – Part Of The Corporate World?

Then You Should Enroll, Because This Training Is;

  • Written by people who have real life practical management experience
  • Appropriate, whatever your specialisation.
  • Able to deliver an appreciation of the work of other departments.
  • Ready to equip you to develop a streamlined effective business
  • Designed to explain the roles of the Sales and Marketing Departments, Finance, IT, Human Resources.

Follow this training and you will know how a business fits together like the pieces of a jigsaw to produce seamless performance.

Develop Your Management And Business Skills

how the pieces of a business fit together

Our content is designed to be useful to people who need to understand the theory and practice of management .You will find it invaluable if you are starting a business and need a practical guide for day to day issues; if you are a student of management theory; or if you are working your way up in business and need an understanding of how departments fit together like a jigsaw, and interact to form a cohesive company.

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Our intention is to deliver the best quality training to as many people as possible, regardless of location, background or ability to pay.

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What We WILL NOT do.

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