A new manager who will not take advice

I have recently taken up a new permanent role in my department. My boss is an arrogant, rough, hard person with not much experience in his position.

He will not listen to our advice and information on the best way to get the job done

We find it very hard to understand and agree to his solutions in solving problems. We are not happy at work and is the same everyday
People are leaving for better opportunities


This is always a difficult situation, but essentially you are going to have to let him learn the job and make his own mistakes, in his own time.

It is highly unlikely that he will let his staff override his decisions and direct the situation. He has to put his own stamp on the job and make it his own.

It sounds as though you, as a team, are trying to make him do things as they have always been done, in the belief that this is the best way to get the job done. You may be right, but he needs to check it out for himself, and devise alternatives. He is the manager after all.

You don’t know what his brief is, he may have been sent in to alter processes and get different results.

You also say you find it hard to agree to his solutions. In most office structures, this is not a debate, he is the manager, he manages. You do as he says.

Unless of course you can find a way to work collaboratively with him. This will be a judgement call, depending on culture and personalities.

You could ask to have a chat and offer advice to him, ask if you can input into his thinking and decision making as you collectively have a lot of experience you are keen to share in the best interests of the company. It is up to him to decide whether he is willing to listen to your ideas.

If all else fails, and the situation is still intolerable, you have the option to discuss that with him, and possibly his manager, or perhaps the HR department.