After the meeting

So after the meeting has been held, both the appraise and the appraiser should have a clear understanding of last year’s performance, What went well, what went badly, and how performance can be improved.

fter-the-meetingThey should also both clearly understand the objectives and targets for the coming year, what action needs to be taken, by whom, and what skills training and development need to be organised.

If there is an HR department, they should look at everyone’s action plan and the skills development plan, and see what training is needed across the company. They may see a pattern emerging and decide to run large scale training programmes. They may also use information gleaned for succession planning programmes.

A common use of performance reviews is to decide on pay increments. This may be formalised by allocating a performance grade, or may be less formal


So the impact of a well-run performance management system can be enormous in the results produced by a team that are all “on the same Page “.

So it is important to management to ensure everyone understands how important the process is, and how it works.


New employees who will be appraises can attend a short (perhaps one hour) internal course or workshop sometime in their first year of employment , before the review season .

They just need to be talked through the process, timing and paperwork. As along as the philosophy and the advantages are carefully explained, that should be all they need .


Their training needs to be more thorough, in that they need to understand the difficult job of giving feedback, good and bad. They may need practice in doing that. and also to ask the right questions, actively listen and give constructive feedback.

These workshops should be interactive and at least a half day, if not a full one .nrwly promoted managers , and managers new to the company, should complete the workshop in their firs=t year , in advance of the review season.
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So that completes our review of the paperwork you need to design, implement and manage a performance management system for your company. The documentation I have offered is very general and simple.

I believe it should be kept simple-this is about what individual people need to say. Just provide them with a framework and let them fill in the detail. You may decide to evolve the documentation as time goes. That’s fine, whatever works for you.

This is a very powerful management tool and I believe that used properly , it is an asset to any management team .