Appraisal meeting

At the meeting, the manager should put the appraisee at ease, ensure they know what will happen at the meeting, discuss and agree the agenda at the outset , discuss and agree the outcomes, and write up the meeting.

meetingThe appraisal should review performance during the period under consideration, let’s say 12 months. It is important though, that issues are dealt with as they arise by management and not held over for the appraisal meeting .Performance should be reviewed against goals and targets set at the last performance review meeting.

Do not confuse this process with target and goal setting for company growth, profitability, incentive or bonus schemes. That should be handled completely separately. This process is about developing and optimising people’s performance and their career path.

The appraisal meeting should also review any development carried out, and check if its objectives were met, identify any training or resource needs, and set goals and targets for the coming period.

This is a good time to review the job description and check it is up to date and an accurate reflection of the current role.

So to summarise:-

  • Review training and development and its effectiveness
  • Review performance against targets, offer solutions to problems
  • Review appraises career plan and consider potential career path
  • Identify new training performance targets
  • Identify skills or other gaps
  • Identify new training and development plans
  • Review job description

It is important that both appraisee and appraiser set aside time to think and plan before the is useful to have a document that helps with this process .It is often optional whether these planning documents are kept on file with the review document, or destroyed.

The meeting record should be a summary of what has been discussed and agreed and not a record of what is said. Some things may not be committed to writing, and this can often allow a full and frank discussion to take place,

Accordingly the meeting record document is less detailed than the preparation documents

A development plan, targets and action plan should develop from the meeting.

You can download here the Appraisal meeting document, Action plan, and the Skills Development and Training plan.
Together with the downloadable documents we offered in earlier lessons in this module, you now have the suite of documents you need to implement and manage your own performance management system.

Download an example Appraisal meeting document
Click Here;

Appraisal meeting document


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Download an example Action plan
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Action plan


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Download an example Skills development and Training plan
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Skills development and Training plan