Business Management Lessons

The Negotiation

Now we consider the actual negotiation meeting. The opening phase allows you to condition their expectations and gives you a chance to understand their position, even though it may be some distance from their true position. Keep in mind that … Continue reading

Negotiating Skills Quiz

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the contents of the Negotiating Skills Course, part of the Management Skills series of courses. These quizzes are designed to improve your Management and Business skills. There are ten questions some of … Continue reading

Decision making

Decision making and problem solving are the meat and drink of business life. Some decisions are made almost instinctively, but more complex decisions with many factors involved require the analysis of a finite set of alternatives described in terms of … Continue reading

Business strategy

The strategy defines the long term goals of the business. Strategic management provides overall direction to the enterprise. It is the identification of the purpose of the organization and the plans and tactics required to achieve the defined strategy. According … Continue reading

Decision Making and Business Strategy Quiz

Decision making is the basis of business. Some decisions are made instinctively, more complex decisions require analysis. What tools can be used to evaluate alternatives? There are many decision models, principles and tools used in business. Many complex decisions are … Continue reading

Crisis and Risk Management

In today’s world of terrorist attacks and natural disasters, every company large or small, needs to employ risk management techniques to assess and avoid potential threats wherever possible. Most of the types of planning discussed here will only be appropriate … Continue reading

Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management (BCM) usually involves having a contingency plan in place should disaster strike, to ensure that essential functions can continue during and after the disaster, and to minimize the disruption by avoiding the impact of an unplanned interruption … Continue reading

Project Management

The role of project manager has developed to such an extent that it is now seen as a job in itself, one that is essential and exists in all large industries. Typically the project manager will plan, initiate, manage and … Continue reading

Project Management – the process

So as we have seen in Part 1, we all manage projects every day, but these are simple projects that can easily be visualised and planned without the use of sophisticated tools and techniques. Project managers (PMs) tackle much more … Continue reading

Corporate Social Responsibility

A Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, or CSR policy, is becoming an important part of any businesses strategy. It is aimed at increasing both business and social value. The term CSR describes business behaviours that are responsible business practices and have … Continue reading


How can companies re-invigorate their Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and ensure it is relevant today? We consider some example of Corporate Social Responsibility at work in the community, and examples of initiatives your company could get involved in. CSR can … Continue reading

Managing The Business Quiz 1

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the modules of the “Managing The Business” lessons in the Management Skills Courses, specifically;- Crisis and Risk Management Business Continuity Management Project Management Project Management – the process Corporate Social Responsibility … Continue reading

Product and business life cycles

Almost everything in life follows a life cycle as it grows, achieves maturity and then dies. This is true of products, which have a product life cycle, and of businesses which have a business life cycle. The Product life cycle … Continue reading

Business life cycle

Although company growth phases may be less distinct than product life cycle phases, because growth is continuous, a company does usually move through phases from launch, through growth, to maturity. To avoid stagnation and eventual decline, it is likely that … Continue reading

Ethics or Profit?

An organisation’s ethical policy will provide a code of professional conduct for managers when dealing with potentially controversial issues which arise in the business environment, such as human resource policies, trading practices, director’s responsibilities, industrial espionage and corporate social responsibility. … Continue reading

Business ethical policy

Do managers feel pressure to put profit first? Most manager’s income is tied to their performance, and the key performance indicators (KPI’s) by which they are judged are invariably financial rather than altruistic. A UK report Management Agenda 2015 asked … Continue reading

Licensed merchandise

Let’s have a look at licensed merchandise, how it works, what are the advantages and disadvantages for the manufacturer, retailer, consumer. Licensing is a business arrangement in which one company gives another company permission to manufacture and sell products bearing … Continue reading

Risks and rewards of licensed merchandise

Why license? Merchandise licensing is usually profitable for both the licensor and the licensee. Some licenses, such as Barbie or Disney classics have a perennial appeal, and others are much more difficult to predict, such as licenses for new product … Continue reading

Managing The Business Quiz 2

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the modules of the “Managing The Business” lessons in the Management Skills Courses, specifically;- Product and business life cycles Business life cycle Ethics or Profit? Business ethical policy Licensed merchandise Risks … Continue reading

Effective meetings

Very few things are more frustrating, especially when you are busy, than to be constantly called into meetings that are a waste of time. They start late, don’t appear to have an agenda or objective, no conclusion or action is … Continue reading

Effective meetings Part 2

10 steps for organising effective meetings So if you are calling a meeting what steps do you need to follow to ensure it is valuable and productive? 1. Think about whether you need to call a meeting, or could you … Continue reading

Creative Thinking in Business

Humans automatically relate new things that happen with something within our experience. We are biologically primed to learn from past events .This is usually helpful to us as it lets us draw on our background and experience, and build on … Continue reading

Creative Thinking in Business Part 2

What characterises creative people? Some of the characteristics that creative people will display are a willingness to challenge assumptions, keep searching after they have their first idea, take risks, are not afraid to make mistakes, are naturally inquisitive, have a … Continue reading

Creative Thinking in Business Part 3

Creative Thinking Business Tools Even if you don’t consider yourself creative, you can learn some useful skills and techniques to help you tap into creative ‘right brain’ thinking and bring a new perspective to problems in business or indeed in … Continue reading

Creative Thinking in Business Part 4

The 6 Thinking Hats Game This is a technique developed by Edward De Bono, a designer of constructive and conceptual thinking methods. Six coloured hats are used to symbolise different thinking emotions or direction. White hat- Information, data Red hat … Continue reading

Optimising Business Performance to drive success

Organisations today are constantly under pressure to improve business performance, measure their own performance against world class standards and focus their efforts on the customer. Many use business excellence models to help them achieve their goals. There are a number … Continue reading

Business Excellence models

There are several different models for each of these techniques, such as the Baldrige model and Balanced Scorecard. We will not attempt to go into detail here about the different models, but will confine ourselves to consideration of the techniques … Continue reading

Managing The Business Quiz 3

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of these modules of the “Managing The Business” lessons in the Management Skills Courses, specifically;- Effective meetings Effective meetings Part 2 Creative Thinking in Business Creative Thinking in Business Part 2 Creative Thinking in … Continue reading

Cloud Technology Part 1

The rise in prominence of Cloud Computing is an important development which every company needs to take account of, and every manager needs to be aware of its implications. The Cloud itself is enabling business in many ways, but more … Continue reading

Cloud Technology And Startups

As ever with rapidly changing technologies, new entrants can leapfrog more established players by leveraging technology. New start-ups these days will set up using Cloud services, which will give them an immediate advantage over established competitors who will have set … Continue reading

Potential problems with Cloud services

Security There are many concerns about Cloud security. Information and Security Officers worry they may lose control when they consider Cloud storage. Actually the Cloud infrastructure is not any more or less secure than on – premise storage. It is … Continue reading

Digital transformation strategy

Should you transform your business to use the Cloud? How do you do that? If you don’t, you risk being overtaken by new disruptive market entrants. No industry is immune to the threat of disruption by businesses that have adopted … Continue reading