Profile of the Online Learning Group and its activities

The Online Learning Group is a joint venture between S-net.co.uk ltd and Connect Soft ltd, two British companies who are interested in helping spread useful information, advice and guidance on management skills. We run several different websites all offering free online courses, see details below

Course outline

Please see the list of modules and the accompanying quizzes available on the site under the Lessons tab.

On a PC or laptop this is on the blue navigation bar.

On a mobile or tablet. To access the navigation bar, first click on the three-line menu, also known as the hamburger menu or hamburger icon, which will enable you to view the navigation menu and see the lessons button.

Certification on Management Skills Courses

We are not a university so cannot award degrees or post graduate qualifications. We do not ask you to complete assignments, attend courses or write exams. All of these activities would involve a level of cost that would mean we could not offer free courses.

Once you have completed a quiz, we issue a quiz certificate to your email address, using an automatic software system. The quiz records your score.

Although the certificates are not currently accredited by any other body, you are welcome to collect them and present them to potential employers to support your application and demonstrate that you have studied with us.

We offer a certificate for each quiz, but not a completion certificate as we do not know how many modules an individual may wish to take, so the course can be on-going. The quiz certificate is free, automatically generated and sent by the quiz software to your email account within a few minutes of you taking the quiz. Scroll down for information on how to display the certificate correctly.

We don’t receive them; they are in your emails, please check your spam folder. If you haven’t kept them and want them, you will have to take the quiz again. You can retake any quiz.; just re-use the link.

Taking a quiz

There are a number of quizzes built into the site, which allow you to test your knowledge. There are currently 20. All of the content is covered, but there is not a separate quiz for each topic. Once you have completed a section, we email the quiz to you, you take it online. Then using an automatic software system we issue an email to you which records your score, and a quiz certificate. Scroll down to see how to display the certificate correctly.

Please go to the course outline (lesson) tab on the site to see when to expect a quiz, and also to find the URL for any quiz you want to take or retake.

To take the quiz, click on the quiz link and select the correct answer(s) using the radio buttons. Navigate using the next and back buttons and fill in your name and email address when prompted. Submit your answers by clicking mark quiz. You will then receive an email with your score within a few minutes. If you don’t see it, please check your spam box.

The email will list the questions, with the answers you gave, weighted, so you can see how your score was achieved, and which questions you got wrong.

Weight = 100 for a correct Answer, Weight = 0 for an incorrect Answer

The answers to all the questions are contained within the site content, so you can go back into the module to find the correct answer if you wish. When we send you your results email there will be a certificate, which may not be displayed correctly. See the section below for help with that.

How to display your certificate correctly

When you get your quiz results email, it will probably not be displayed correctly. Remote content such as images are often blocked unless you select a setting for them to be displayed.

To display your certificate correctly, with the images, please click on “Show remote content” or “Load unloaded images” or a similar message on your email.

The message, and how you display the certificate correctly, will vary according to the email system that you use.

To find out how to see remote content on your system put “Show remote content on (insert email system name such as Gmail, Thunderbird)” and follow the instructions.
Here is an example for Gmail

Choose to show or not show images

Open Gmail.

In the top right, click Settings.

Click Settings.

Scroll down to the “Images” section.

Select Always display external images or Ask before displaying external images. If you chose the “Ask before displaying external images” setting, messages that have images will have a “Display images below” option.

At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.

Note: If Gmail thinks a sender or message is suspicious, you won’t see images automatically. Instead, you’ll be asked if you want to see the image.

Retake the quiz

If you want to retake the quiz to improve your score, go to www.managementskillscourses.com .
Select the “lessons” tab.

On a PC or laptop this is on the right-hand side of the blue navigation bar.

On a mobile or tablet. To access the navigation bar, first click on the three-line menu, also known as the hamburger menu or hamburger icon, which will enable you to view the navigation menu and see the lessons button.

Now choose your topic. Scroll down until you find the quiz, then open the lesson
Re-use the link we originally sent you.

Copy quiz certificates

The quiz software is automatic and dispatches your certificate to the email address you give it. It also uses your name, as you have typed it when you took the quiz, to put your name on your certificate. We do not receive a copy of the certificate and we do not store the results, so we cannot supply you with a copy, or your quiz scores.

Completion certificate

We do not offer a completion certificate as we can’t track your progress on the course.

Sister websites

Currently we have three websites that deliver free online training; –
What Is A Career
This offers guidance on CV writing, Job search, Interview technique, Career management and development.
Free Online Training Courses
Offers IT related content, such as customising your computer, understanding how browsers work, building a website.


All these courses are free – simply enroll by visiting the home page and completing the form there. They are mobile friendly and can be read from most phones.

The websites have a built-in facility to translate the content into many languages. Just open any lesson, and an option to select the language displayed will appear.

On a PC or laptop this is near the top right-hand side of the page, below the Google search box and above the Facebook logo. It will translate the content into almost any language for you.
On a mobile or tablet, first click on the three-line menu, also known as the hamburger menu or hamburger icon, which will enable you to view the navigation menu.

Then open an individual lesson and scroll down past the lesson content and the comments. Under the Post Comments box will be a search bar.

Underneath this is the translate tool. Click on the Select language bar and a list of languages will appear. Select the language you would like the lesson displayed in, click on it, and scroll back up to the lesson content, now displayed in the language of your choice.

You may need to repeat this step each time you revisit the site.

In return for our work in writing and producing the content, building, maintaining, managing and marketing the websites, some expenses are covered from on page advertising.

The sites are extremely popular, with in excess of one million visitors a month. In turn this success leads to additional challenges in managing the sites and the services, hosting servers, sending out courses, responding to over 500 emails a day and producing new content in response to requests from our readers.

We also have launched a CV writing service, in response to the thousands of requests from website visitors for help with their CV. www.careercvshop.com