Combining several roles

I wish you could help me. My question is how can I combine these three positions in managerial level in a new establishment. Administration, Human resources and Finance.


I think you mean that you are starting a new business and envisage yourself handling Administration, Human Resources and Finance. This is very common practice in any new business; the founders take on a multitude of roles simultaneously.

In fact, I would suggest you will also find yourself developing strategy, supervising staff, dealing with logistics, selling to customers and undertaking new business development.

How you combine them depends on your own skills and capabilities, and the level at which you will be required to operate each of the functions.

In particular, Finance may require some training, as you probably have to observe legal and statutory requirements for provision of accounts. So, unless you have training in bookkeeping you may need to consult professionals sooner or later. Sooner may be better as it avoids you getting into a situation that requires unravelling. Best to get that aspect right at the start.

But as I say, it is completely normal that you would expect to multitask at this point in a new business. But remember you can only do one thing at a time. Multitasking does not mean skittering about doing six things at once, and doing them all badly, it means moving between tasks. It is less productive than concentrating on one thing at a time, but unavoidable in these circumstances.

An important mantra is “The main thing is to ensure that the main thing is the main thing “

Try to concentrate on one thing at a time, don’t become distracted by other things that need to be done, as long as you are concentrating on the main thing. This is the real skill -what needs to be done first. Distinguish between urgent and important.

And you are going to have to accept and even relish interruptions. It comes with the territory of a fast moving, dynamic business environment.

Keep things as simple as you can, use your common sense, and prioritise. Communication is often the key in business.

Don’t forget “The main thing is to ensure that the main thing is the main thing “

Good luck