Course Modules

Starting and running a business

This module covers many of the steps you need to follow when starting a new business such as developing a business plan and raising finance. It will be useful to you whether you are planning to start a business or … Continue reading


This function is inextricably linked to sales, so this option is a natural choice for anyone involved in sales or marketing, general management, or is senior in any function, so need an overview of its critical activities. The topics we … Continue reading

Management tools and techniques

This course introduces you to a broad range of Management tools, theories and techniques that will be invaluable to you whether you are a seasoned executive or a student of business. We begin by exploring Change Management, knowledge of which … Continue reading


This is one of the most interesting courses we offer. Great leaders transform businesses. Whatever stage you are at, be it junior employee aspiring to leadership, or a leader or manager aspiring to great leadership, this course has something to … Continue reading

Business Management

This course covers many aspects of managing a business, offering an opportunity to learn about Negotiation skills, Decision making, Business strategy, Business Continuity, Project Management, and Corporate Social Responsibility. We negotiate every day, without even thinking about it, typically with … Continue reading

Retailing and franchising

This option explores Retailing and franchising. Retail is a fascinating subject, and we all have a vested interest as we get involved in buying or selling things in one form or another. The retail sector in the UK is the … Continue reading

Writing Business and Personal Documents

Writing Business and Personal Documents is a skill well worth cultivating. We get frequent requests for help and advice on writing both official and personal documents, and I know from feedback received that you will find this series invaluable and … Continue reading

Readers Case Studies

These case studies examine actual cases our readers have written to us about, seeking our advice and guidance on the problem they describe. This group covers issues that arise from the many aspects of launching and managing a business, raising … Continue reading