Designing a Promotional plan

Marketing strategy

The promotional plan must be consistent with the company’s Marketing Strategy. This is the overall plan to deliver the targeted marketing objectives for the brand, product or company. A key objective of marketing strategy is often to keep marketing in line with a company’s mission statement.

For example, if the marketing strategy is to build a brand that is expensive and exclusive, the promotional plan for a new addition to the range cannot be built on competitive pricing and flooding the market place. It must be consistent with the overall strategy.

Promotional plan

A promotional plan is used by a Marketing team to produce a strategic plan to support or promote sales of a product or range of products.

The plan details the tools and strategies that will be used to achieve sales targets. It should include how leads and customers for the product will be generated and retained.

The route that a global corporation takes will be very different from that which will work for a corner shop or other small local business. Many factors will come into play, such as what the product is, who the target customer is, whether this is suitable for selling online, whether the business itself is an online business.

There are many ways of promoting a new company or a new or existing product. Some are more effective than others, and some are more expensive than others

Think about what you need the customer to know about the company or product. Is information and explanation an important part of what you need to communicate?

Is the product a staple, where price will be a major determinant?

Is it an impulse buy, a throwaway product? Do you want them to come back to you for repeat purchases? Are you selling on price or quality?

Here are some promotional tools which we will discuss in more detail later, so that you can choose the ones that suit your business and product.


  • print adverts in newspapers or magazines
  • radio or TV ads
  • In -store promotions
  • Joint launch between manufacturer and retailer
  • Offer Customers an Exclusive Preview
  • Get influencers to review
  • flyers and leaflets
  • billboards
  • Run a competition, promoting it widely, maybe giving away your product or service as a prize, or cash prizes, if they can answer questions about your product
  • getting testimonials from satisfied clients and publicising them
  • in store promotions
  • events such as a one-day promotion, free drink, open evening
  • Branded Promotional Gifts
  • Offer special deals
  • offer a discount
  • a free upgrade
  • trade in offer
  • an exclusive preview
  • run a loyalty scheme
  • run an affiliate programme
  • use referral marketing
  • use a buy button online (Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest)
  • Sponsoring a charitable organization/cause
  • use PR
  • posts on social media
  • social media adverts
  • run a competition on social media
  • e-commerce website
  • internet marketing
  • add to gift guides
  • email marketing, perhaps using newsletters
  • content marketing -writing blog posts for your website

The promotional plan needs to be factual and include objectives, and actual numbers you expect to achieve, and the costs that will be incurred.


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  3. Very good lesson if the marketing team sits down and critically analyse the best tool that fits the company and the product and avails the necessary resources at the right time,SUCCESS is automatically assured. Constant assessment and review of the promotional plans is vital.However in this competitive world,Marketing Intelligence should NOT be overlooked.
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  4. Pharmaceutical companies launch promotion to end user’s also promotional in medical jurnals especially if there is à related subject to the new product also throug gift take always & post to hospitals & pharmacies also through supporting medical researches related to the products .

  5. This teaching is really very good! promotion plays an important roll both in building brands, and in improving sales. Many companies who have understood this secret have benefited from their effort in promoting their business/product/service.
    the problem here is that, the largest proportion of business owners and leaders, especially in the developing countries, tend to consider promotion as wast of money and time. Actually this problem is arising from their marketing philosophy that focuses on production and productivity. the essence of this philosophy is that, if a business produces large amount of a given product, the average unit cost shall decline, and it shall be sold at the lost price being abundantly available in the market. so in this case, there is no need for business to invest huge sum of money to promote their product.

  6. The topic is very important, but in my country lacks the consumer questionnaire must be written and given to the consumer through which are studied the problems facing the consumer and must be a program or plan for continuous improvement until the product is promoted by the right way

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