Difference between a manager and an administrator

Please let me know the difference between a good manager and a good administrator. Please could you guide me.

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I think this is a matter of semantics really, or playing with words and their meanings.
The words can sometimes be used interchangeably, and the difference depends on context and local use, especially in an organisation.

Management is defined in several ways, generally as the organisation of resources in a business to achieve defined targets. My favourite definition is “achieving things through other people “.

Administration can be defined in many different ways, sometimes as the process or activity of running the business, so an administrator may be the person responsible for carrying out the administration of a business.

Administration is itself a legal term, and means the person legally appointed to manage and dispose of the property of a deceased person, debtor or insolvent company.

An administrator can also be used to indicate someone who works alongside a decision maker and implements their decisions, as an assistant or secretary.

In this latter context the manager makes the decisions, and the administrator helps to implement them, perhaps controlling paperwork, communicating requirements.

I can’t answer your question specifically as it depends on local usage and the context of your question. however, I hope this has helped