Employee deliberately let her down

I have a question here

if my employee is not coming to work and doing other personal jobs about
three to five times what shall I do?

Dismiss her or lay her off or dominate her.



Why is she doing that? Does she give you notice that she won’t be available?
You say” doing other personal jobs “Does she have caring responsibilities, for children or parents?

Is it avoidable -she doesn’t care about letting you down? Or does she have no other real option?

What you do depends on the answer to those questions, plus whether you value her as an employee.

If she is not being wilfully difficult with you, but is attending to caring responsibilities, can you offer her some flexible work options so that she can make the time up that she owes you? Or can she work flexitime, reducing her hours , by arrangement with you , if she needs to be somewhere else.

Consider your options concerning flexibility. then sit down with her to discuss the problem and come up with a solution between you.

Make sure that she appreciates your position -that you have to arrange cover for her if she is not there. someone has to do the work, or your income suffers, or whatever the implications are for your business and yourself of her failure to attend.