Find A Manager

I want to thank you for your advice that incites me to start my small business.

Still, I hesitate. I am an employee, but I want to start a business about print and copy services. My problem is how can I find the right person to keep my store, and how to monitor it.


It is important to find someone who is capable and competent as well as honest. Ideally you would employ someone you know and trust, such as a family member. If that is not possible then you will need to advertise and interview in the normal way.

Look out for someone with experience and be sure to take up references before you employ them. You must be certain they are honest and will not steal from you.

With a print and copy service I’m fairly sure you can set the machine to count the number of pages printed and copied, which would at least give you some way of keeping a check on the amount of money you would expect to have taken. Make sure you go into all of that with the manufacturer and familiarise yourself with those functions.

You could also talk to your accountant about any checks you can make.

Spend some time working in the store yourself so you are completely familiar with how everything works and so will be able to keep a check on your manager.