Foundation Customers

I would like to establish my own business – a Tourist Company. But when I face the clients which I find it seems that they are not ready to give me support, I mean to be as foundation customers.

It seems that they don’t trust me, what should I do to make them trust in me and give me support or cooperation so as to ensure my plan works



It sounds to me as if you are working for somebody in tourism and possibly approaching their customers to poach them whilst still working there.

If that’s the case, that’s why they don’t trust you. If you will cheat your employer like that, you are not trustworthy, and they probably feel loyalty to the company you are working with.

If however you are finding the clients through some other mechanism, then you are asking them to commit to a company that doesn’t actually exist yet. You say they don’t trust you -you haven’t got anything concrete to offer them at this stage. What are you asking then to commit to as foundation customers?

You need to set up the basis of your new business in your spare time, then leave the current business and launch on your own. Some of the clients you have served may come over to you then if they have been pleased with your services and they have seen you make a clean break, but you can’t rely on it. You need a marketing plan in place for the new business that will earn you clients of your own.

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