Free advice and mentoring

Advice and MentoringCash, as we know, is King. And you may not have spare money for professional advice, or not as much as you would like.

There are many organisations that will offer help and advice to small businesses. Again, this will vary from region to region. Places to look for will include; –
Chambers of Commerce
Business Link

I just googled “help and advice for small business “and got about 47,800,000 results (0.63 seconds). Some of these are free, and sponsored by government departments, some even offering grants. But others are businesses offering their services. You will soon be able to distinguish which you should follow up, there are plenty out there


I spoke about networking earlier. I have been a member of several networking organisations, and one of the best is the BNI.

You won’t get free advice as such, but you do get an opportunity to work with other professionals running small businesses, who have all faced the same issues as you are facing now, and overcome them. They will be happy to offer a helping hand to a fellow member.

Business Network International (BNI) is an American franchised networking organization with around 200,000 members in 7,500 local chapters worldwide. Members meet regularly to discuss business and support each other’s businesses by sharing referrals. Wikipedia

I’ll let them explain it, I’ve taken these quotes from their site, have a look at them

Our Mission

The mission of BNI is to help members increase their business through a structured, positive and professional referral marketing program that enables them to develop meaningful, long-term relationships with quality business professionals.

How will you grow your business?

By joining BNI, you’ll increase your exposure to like-minded professionals, gain referrals from a global network and sharpen your business networking skills with exclusive resources

Only one person from each profession specialty is allowed to join a chapter of BNI, eliminating the possibility of competition among our members. When you join a chapter, you are the sole representative of your field and can develop relationships with others in the chapter as their go-to person for your services.

How it works

Advice and MentoringThe idea is that you each learn about one another’s business and actively look for referral business for fellow chapter members. Everyone in your chapter is looking out for work for you, and you are for them. In the process of learning about each other’s business, so you can make referrals, you engage in one-to -one meetings to look at each other’s business. You would probably do one of these meetings every couple of weeks.

So, you are about to show 20 professionals around your business, one by one, and discuss it with them so that they can recommend your services. These people are lawyers, accountants, sales people, marketeers, IT specialists, builders, electricians.

Apart from the fact that explaining your business to people forces you to step back and look at what you are doing and why, you get some very interesting feedback, comments and suggestions from other members.

These people are looking to grow their business, so they won’t work for you free of charge, but it is very handy to be able to ask a friendly expert the occasional question. You can get a professional opinion on a situation.

And you get to see how all those people approach their business. You can pick up some interesting ideas and tips.

And if you have a problem, don’t know where to look for advice, how to move forward, you can bet someone in your chapter knows the answer.

Very useful. Just don’t overplay your hand. The BNI motto is Givers gain, so make sure you give a helping hand when asked.

And if you use the BNI system properly, and you have a good business, you will get referral business from your colleagues.


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  1. Many thanks to you, have learned a lot of businesses idea from this lesson and wish to put them to practice so my little business can move forward.

  2. Thanks so much for the great privilege you gave me to participate with you.I am from Cameroon and l presently have a business that is the renting of palm farms so as to mill oil and sell but the person controlling it is not that faithful so l instead find myself incurring loses. l am looking forward to start another business next month, so l don’t know what kind of business to start up now.Thanks alot and l wish you a great day.

    • Daer Kid Ruben Kum, it’s painful that you are making losses. The good thing is that you know the cause and that is already a step to the solution. You could explore a little more options before leaving the business you know into another coz you will still need people to work with . People are not necessarily faithful, but are controlled by the system. Look at a possible system that will control the unfaithfulness. Ask that person if possible to parner with you and instead give you a fixed amount of money every month for your capital input instead of you paying the person for Labour. Or if it’s promising, be in it with the person. Several other options. ..change the person. ..but act quickly coz money is leaking already

  3. Thank you for this brilliant lesson.I enjoy the phrase of Givers again when you use BNI.

  4. This alone is worth more than the dollar, it is connection, advice and a lecture. Thanks very much.

  5. Great and good lessons.I’m very interesting in this lessons.Good explanation Sr! Thanks a lot.

  6. I’ve never regretted being here. I’m so very glad for this useful information.