How do I respond to a new role?

How do I respond to a new role?


I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “respond”. Also, you don’t say if this is in a new company, or a promotion within the existing company.

I have dealt with orientating yourself in a new role in detail on the site already

How to orientate yourself in a new role

This covers everything you need to know, from what you might expect to learn at the induction in a new company, practical information to ask for, ideas for reports to request, and how to handle your inbox and diary. So, can I suggest you visit that and read it.

A lot will depend on who you are taking over from, and whether they are available to have handover meetings with you.

If this is a completely new role in the company, then I would begin by talking to whoever decided the rule was required, and your line manager. Find out what they expect of you, what the job description is, what results they are expecting.

Use the internet to carry out research and make yourself as knowledgeable as you can on the role and how it is performed at other organisations.

Remember that peers and colleagues may have useful input for you, as well as your line manager, so make time to interact with them.