How to manage work related stress and burnout

We have already discussed that most companies would acknowledge the ethical and financial drivers for having some stress management resources at the disposal of their teams, to try to manage and control their personnel’ s stress level where appropriate.

Stress-management techniques are based on the theory that stress is not a predetermined response to a stressor, but relates to a person’s perception of the stressor, therefore the stress can be individually experienced, managed and controlled. There is an acknowledgement that stressors can be constantly present in life, so effective management using stress management techniques is the key to our general wellbeing.

Both conventional methods and alternative stress management methods are available to deal with stress, and try to control or reduce stress levels

Conventional methods can include psychiatric therapy, medication, counselling and talking therapies.

Alternative methods include self-help therapies, yoga, visualization, meditation and life coaching. These techniques generally aim to empower the client to have self-belief in their ability to cope, using techniques such as positive thinking. Other techniques include homeopathy, deep breathing, relaxation techniques, spending time in nature, humour and comedy, spas, and social activity.

Social support is perceived as important in this field. This can be; –

  • Emotional support, providing a sense of value, esteem, acceptance, or affection.
  • Tangible support, such as financial support, providing concrete assistance
  • Informational support, such as provision of advice and guidance, enabling problem-solving.
  • Companionship support, the presence of another person providing a sense of belonging and engagement.

Stress Management Consultants

Enlightened companies may engage the services of stress management consultants.

As an example of the type of services available, let’s review what The UK Stress Management Society offer, and see what advice and services are on their site; –
Understand the causes of stress within your organisation through a Business Stress Risk Review ®

  • Start tackling the problem with a stress or mental health policy and action plan
  • Arrange personal resilience training for managers to increase their skills and confidence in recognising and reducing stress
  • Arrange personal resilience training for staff to increase their awareness of stress related challenges and introduce skills and techniques to increase coping ability.
  • Order branded stress awareness or stress management products to publicise your stress management message
  • Book wellbeing days at your organisation, from on-site stress testing or stress awareness events to wellbeing promotion activities