Ideas To Promote Your Product

Continuing our look at even more ideas to promote your product and work into your multi layered promotional plan.

Offer a free upgrade

If your business provides services, or even products, with frequent repeat business, you can offer an upgrade for customers to try out your new service. This works for businesses like salons, for example, who might have developed a new facial. Offer a complimentary upgrade for existing customers to try it, and hopefully they will never go back to their old facial.

It could work for advertising or marketing services, insurance cover. It could also work for products which are repeat purchases, such as bread, make up, toiletries.

Trade in

This is commonly used for cars and phones, and would work well with new technologies, asking for the old product to get a discounted price on the new one. So you resell the older product at a discounted rate, potentially making two profits from one transaction

offer an exclusive preview

This can be by invitation only, to loyal established clients, or can be used to attract new clients. It can be at an event, or online, using an email invitation.

Run a loyalty scheme

This is a rewards scheme offered to customers who frequently make purchases. It can reward them in various ways, such as loyalty points to be used against purchases, discounts, advance access to new products, special sales vouchers, or free merchandise.

Run an affiliate programme

This is about reaching your audience through another companies’ website. You get them to promote your product for a commission. You only pay them if they make a sale, so this is cost effective if successful.

Your company creates a specific URL for each person or company who is prepared to promote your products. They share this link wherever they can, on their website, perhaps in a blog post reviewing your product, social media, or a YouTube video. You can see who is driving sales for you via the URL, and pay them accordingly

Referral marketing

One of the oldest marketing methods is referral, or word of mouth marketing. This is often used in networking groups, where members promote each other’s products. It can be used on the web, and has similarities to affiliate marketing


Many charities look for sponsors, and if they have good coverage and a high profile this can be very cost effective, as well as aligning your product with charitable works in the mind of the consumer. If they want equipment you are no longer using, or something you can supply them with easily, such as use of your office facilities one day a week, then it can work well for you both.

PR campaign

PR can often be a surprisingly effective way of bringing your product to the customers attention. A PR company will aim to get you favourable media coverage, perhaps stronger community engagement, partnerships, cross-promotions, sponsorships and effective and professional responses to problems that may otherwise result in bad press. Using the strategies we have discussed will give your PR company the opportunity to talk about your product and promote it.