Improve Sales Representative Performance

I also have the same problem (The performance of my agents is very poor).

I always try to improve my Sales Representative performance against their  target, but staff have not given attention to their plan. They see their effort at the end of evaluation time so what works can I do to change them?


It is your job to ensure they pay attention to their plan and targets and know exactly where they are against their target every week, not just at the end of the evaluation time.

Do you have a system in place to track everyone’s performance at all times? If not, develop one immediately. Make it a priority to discuss results with your team at least weekly, and coach them to better results.

I have written extensively on this topic on the site, as it is crucial to the success of any organisation, and I recommend you use the relevant sections to assist you.

This first section is directly related to your problem. It deals with recruiting, training managing and coaching sales staff. It should offer you plenty of ideas as to how you can change and improve your staff and their performance.
How to recruit salespeople

This second link takes you to an earlier section on the site, and I recommend you make this section required reading for all your team. Please ask them to register individually as students, this will be the second section they receive.

Ask them to register here Management Skills Courses

Then each of them can read and study this section independently in their own time, or yours if you allow it.
Sales Performance

I suggest you require them to complete the presentation by following the instructions and completing the work set at the end of each module.

Then you could organise a sales training day where each of them shows their own presentation, and between you, select the best parts from everyone, and make a fantastic presentation all of the team can use.

Maybe offer a prize for the best contributor.

This should focus their attention and sharpen up their performances. If not, you may have to ask some of them to leave your employment .

I hope this produces results for you. Remember, anyone is welcome to encourage their staff to sign up as students