Keeping output and productivity high

Our organization have workers who were active in doing work. But, through time they lose their activity and decrease production output.

What shall to be done to increase the daily output of the product??


It depends why output has decreased, really. You need to determine the cause before you can fix the problem

Is it that you have an aging workforce no longer physically as capable as they once were? If that’s the case you may need to change some of the workforce, or make things a little easier for the workforce you have, perhaps by modifying the physical environment in some way.

Or maybe it’s just boredom, same same, and you can motivate them with some kind of productivity target. Give them something to aim for each day /week. Maybe you could even offer a team bonus if they hit targets.

Perhaps you could vary the task each person does on a daily basis by rotating their positions?

Why don’t you ask them what they would like to see -introduce a suggestion scheme, or just chat to some of them.

Maybe something as simple as music while they work?