KPI Lessons

What Are KPIs

In this set of modules, we are going to look at what KPIs are, and how they can benefit your business if used properly. We will consider how they should be written, by whom, and when. We will look at … Continue reading

Writing your company KPIs

When writing or developing a KPI, you need to consider carefully how that KPI relates to a specific business outcome or objective. They need to be customized to your business situation and should be developed to help you achieve your … Continue reading

Examples Of KPIs

Let’s look at some examples of KPIs that might be used by Marketing, The digital marketing strategy is very important for a contemporary marketing department and will include a number of activities, such as website presence, social media, email marketing, … Continue reading

KPIs used by different departments

Continuing our look at the KPIs that might be used by different departments. Let’s consider what the Finance Manager might need to know. Then what would benefit the Chief Executive and the Board members. The Finance Manager The Finance Manager … Continue reading

The Power Of A KPI

As we said at the start of this module, Key Performance Indicators are quantifiable measures, used to monitor performance in terms of meeting defined and agreed strategic and operational goals. Reviewing them indicates the progress of the company, and its … Continue reading