Leadership – conclusions

153So that concludes our look at leadership, and what makes an effective leader. I hope you have found the revision and enhancement of past modules useful.

I designed and wrote this group of modules in response to feedback from users of this site and our sister sites. They asked for more information on this wide ranging subject, and for follow up material on the topic of Leadership. So I decided we should take an in-depth look at Leadership and consider all aspects of it.

So to address the question that you have asked me –what is Leadership? How can you become a better Leader?

So I hope I have demonstrated that you can become a better leader by deconstructing leadership skills into the component parts, and showing you that you can develop and polish your leadership skills to improve your leadership abilities and behaviour . That you can be perceived as an effective leader who can deploy an armoury of skills that enable you to command respect and authority. The combination of these individual skills is powerful, once your skills begin merging together to form a behavior pattern which marks you out as a leader. This behavior will become automatic and you will begin to be perceived as a Leader in this way without even thinking about it

But don’t forget that what sets leaders apart is the Vision. The Vision to see solutions, effect transformational change, and signpost the Vision to their team to have it implemented.

Does this mean you have to invent something as fundamental as the World Wide Web, or envisage a step changing technology such as a search engine?


Having Vision is about looking ahead, seeing a way to improve things, a transformation, and making the changes happening your world, wherever that is.. So look around you. What could be done better by your company, your department?

I have seen managers who believe their brief is to maintain the “status quo “, keep on a steady course, and ensure things do not deteriorate under their command. That is management, and poor management at that. Because if you don’t move forward, as your competitor do, you are effectively going backwards as you are overtaken by those competitors.

I want you to be a great Manager, a Leader who can see what needs to be improved and find a way to deliver that improvement. Someone who can influence others, persuade them that your Vision is correct, influence them to change things.

So use your skills to manage your area effectively. Delegate to your staff, coach them, free up your management time to allow you to concentrate on delivering and exceeding targets, seeing potential improvements, striving for success for you and your business

Adopt the management style that will help your team perform to the best of their ability. Do what you can to eliminate barriers to performance such as conflict within the team. Make sure your meetings are effective, everyone’s time is respected. Don’t rob your staff of their time, help them to manage it effectively by using your time effectively.

Remember to Listen Actively and Communicate Effectively. Conduct an effective Performance Management Programme. Motivate your staff using whatever tools are at your disposal. And always take the time to listen to your staff and build a personal relationship with each and every one of them

And use the time you have created for yourself by Effective Management to consider Leading your team to a higher level. It takes time and headspace to do this. You must clear your mind and actively think about how to improve matters.

Thank you for listening and reading. Enjoy improving the situation around you and developing your Leadership abilities