Leadership Lessons

What is Leadership?

Leadership is a quality that is highly prized by employers. It is difficult to define and even more difficult to measure. Effective leaders motivate and develop their staff to get the best performance out of them, they have happy teams … Continue reading

Can leadership be taught?

Can leadership be taught? Do you need formal training to be an effective leader? Or is leadership an Attitude, personality trait, a talent? One that you are born with perhaps. The jury is out on this! Let’s take a look … Continue reading

Can everyone be a great leader?

I think a good analogy is that of a talent such as the ability to dance, sing, act, play football or be a successful athlete. Those people are born with a set of skills and talent that enable them to … Continue reading

What is a leader’s personality?

What are the features and attributes we find in leaders? Many of them are extrovert, although we have probably all met the strong silent influencers, who are the exception that proves the rule Leaders are usually “people people “. That … Continue reading

Open and closed questions

Remember to word your questions carefully, selecting open or closed questions as appropriate. Closed questions do not encourage the speaker to elaborate on their viewpoint, merely requiring a yes/no answer “Have you always thought that? “ Open questions seek elaboration … Continue reading

Organisation Skills

For me this is related to time management, which we have already discussed on this site and will summarise shortly. The difference is that in organisational skills, you are one step back in the process, in that you are yet … Continue reading

Time Management

Many of us have too many calls on our time, and not enough hours in the day. You can improve the situation by managing the time you do have. In summary time management is;- 1. Produce a list of tasks … Continue reading

Risk management

This is the ability to minimise problems and manage them when they arise. We discussed Crisis and risk management business tools in previous lessons. Although the module focused on the risks to companies from external threats such as terrorism, in … Continue reading

Problem solving skills

Effective problem solving is a key leadership skill. Problems can sometimes be seen as opportunities, and should always be seen as a learning experience. Problem solving basically involves similar steps to decision making;- Evaluate the problem or situation, or the … Continue reading


To be an Effective Manager and achieve things through other people, delegation should be used. We discussed Delegation in previous lessons. The definition of Delegation is assigning tasks to other people while still being held accountable for them. The most … Continue reading

Coaching and succession planning

Coaching and delegation are closely related. They are both used to transfer skills, and assist in the growth and development of the team. We discussed Coaching and succession planning in previous lessons. Succession planning means having a plan to develop … Continue reading

Motivating others

Today we review some leadership and motivational theories including Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Adair’s Action Centred Leadership. Motivation is an important part of an executive’s job and understanding what motivates people is the first step. We discussed Team Leadership … Continue reading

Performance management and appraisals

Performance management is commonly achieved through annual performance appraisals. Performance appraisals are, in my opinion, the most effective way to manage your team’s performance. I have reprised the key points here, perhaps in more detail than for other modules, as … Continue reading

Performance management

What is the best way to conduct an appraisal? We discussed Appraisal Skills in previous lessons. There is no correct way to conduct an appraisal, but it is helpful to have a standard document for consistency. Both parties should do some … Continue reading

Giving and receiving feedback

We discussed appraisal skills for managers in previous lessons. Giving feedback Giving feedback is a life skill, which everyone would benefit from studying and practicing Feedback should not be a subjective opinion, but based on facts, and should be evidenced by examples. Feedback … Continue reading

Conducting a Meeting

You will be judged by the effectiveness of the meetings you hold. Are they effective? People will notice how you manage them, how they are run. And the effectiveness of your meetings will be reflected in the results you achieve … Continue reading

Persuading and influencing skills

We discussed Persuading others – influencing skills in previous lessons. The ability to influence and persuade others is an absolutely critical element of leadership. Think of any prominent politician – Clinton. Obama, Thatcher, Churchill, the key politicians in your country … Continue reading

Managing conflict

We have covered this topic in quite a lot of detail already, and have reviewed topics such as minimising conflict, tackling conflict, and tools and techniques for dealing with conflict in the workplace. Minimising conflict in the workplace Tools and … Continue reading

Tackling conflict

We discussed Tackling Conflict In The Workplace in previous lessons. A leader or manager will have to deal with difficult colleagues, managers and staff members at different points in their career. If conflict is not resolved and is allowed to fester, … Continue reading

Management styles

We discussed Management Style in previous lessons. Management and Leadership are often confused or discussed as if they are the same thing. They are similar and do overlap, but there is a difference. The distinction is that leaders have the … Continue reading

Leadership – conclusions

So that concludes our look at leadership, and what makes an effective leader. I hope you have found the revision and enhancement of past modules useful. I designed and wrote this group of modules in response to feedback from users … Continue reading

Leadership Quiz

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of these modules of the “Leadership”  lessons in the Business Models Courses.  The 22 lessons can be seen here; Leadership Lessons You can navigate backwards and forwards to review your responses by using the appropriate … Continue reading