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Management Skills Courses is a free site offering online guidance which is useful to anyone in business, whether they are working in a large organisation, or looking to start their own business.

It offers an insight into the workings of a company, how business works, the theory and practice of management. It will give you an understanding of how departments fit together like the pieces of a jigsaw, and interact to form a cohesive company.

It covers topics such as starting a business, which includes researching the market, writing a business plan, securing finance, company structure and directors duties.

The sales performance modules include an exercise at the end of each of them. Completing the exercises will help you develop and implement a sales plan, so that you will end the course with a sales presentation.

We consider what your client wants to buy, not what you have to sell. And discover how to demonstrate to them that your product fulfils their wish list. Imagine the effect on your closing rate!

This earns us the feedback “A big thanks to a very experienced and intelligent teacher”

We also cover Change Management, and franchising, and many of the tools and techniques used in managing people and the business.

There are quizzes covering each group of topics. Once the relevant material is completed, the quiz is emailed out. There is also the option to take or retake the quiz when you feel ready.

The quiz email will explain which topics are covered, how many questions there are, how to navigate the quiz, and the mark you need to achieve to pass. Once you have completed the quiz you can select “Click to mark the quiz “and submit your answers. You will be sent an email with your score, advising whether you have passed, and how your answers were scored.

Feedback posted on the site tells us that the site “gives a broader understanding of the scope of business management” and is a “good business guide”


Then we will consider how your clients mind works as you are making your presentation. This will show you when you should make your key points, and how you can make them memorable.

We will be building on your sales presentation as we go through the modules.

Feedback posted on the site tells us the content “helps the world reach its goals through you! “ And “This course is amazing, I could feel my mind opening … “

The marketing modules are neatly summed up by this posted feedback “Thanks, you have cleared the mist I had about marketing”. So we clearly explain how marketing works, its components, how brands are created.

Then we look at online marketing business models, revenue models, and the most common ways to buy online advertising.

The Retail modules give an insight into how retail buying works. Then we take a look at the growth of online shopping and some new concepts in retailing.