Managing People Lessons

Staff Recruitment and Retention

The people are the business, so you want to find and retain staff who are a great fit for the vacancy. How can you make yours an aspirational workplace for top employees? We look at top tips to recruit the … Continue reading

Staff Retention

The company that creates opportunities for career development for its staff, and offers a chance for them to develop a career path within the organisation, will strengthen the team and increase staff retention. The goal is to be the “go-to … Continue reading

Performance management and appraisals

  Performance management facilitates high levels of performance, and creates a culture encouraging continuous improvement. But it is not always a positive experience for staff, and carried out badly it is a demotivater .Learn how to make this a positive … Continue reading

Appraisal skills for managers

What characterises an effective appraisal meeting? How are the outcomes different from a poor one? Managers who carry out appraisals need to learn the skills to ensure the appraisal is a positive experience for all concerned, with outcomes that encourage … Continue reading

Team Leadership

There are very many theories and models of leadership, leadership philosophies and leadership styles. When we look at Team Leadership, Management and Motivation you will learn about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Adair’s Action Centred Leadership. We also consider how … Continue reading

Herzberg’s Theory of hygiene factors

Frederick Herzberg’s Motivational Theory, identified motivation and hygiene factors. His research studied why people strive to achieve ‘hygiene’ needs and what happens once those needs are satisfied , He found that people are not ‘motivated’ by addressing ‘hygiene’ needs, but … Continue reading


Strong teams are better than the sum of their parts. If the team has the right mix of skills and attitude, then great synergies can be achieved, as long as everyone is pulling in the same direction! There are different … Continue reading


Effective managers delegate. It is essential for their development that you let your staff take on tasks and projects. Staff development, succession planning and team motivation depend on it. Good delegation saves time, poor delegation demotivates. But you have to … Continue reading

Coaching and Succession Planning

Succession planning keeps good people moving up the ladder. Coaching is useful for staff improvement, development and skills transfer. Coaching a successor or mentoring a trainee means delegating while maintaining responsibility. What skills and attributes does a coach need? The … Continue reading

Team Leadership, Management and Motivation Quiz

There are many theories and models of leadership, and leadership styles, including Action Centred Leadership which focuses on Achieving the Task, Developing the Team and Developing Individuals. We will study the Action Centred Leadership model. How do managers motivate staff? … Continue reading

Developing Employees

In previous lessons we have considered the importance of staff recruitment and retention. We have learnt how to use appraisals as an effective performance management tool, studied some theories of leadership, motivation and teamwork, and considered the art of delegation. … Continue reading

Dismissing an employee

This is a difficult thing to do for any manager. It is tough to confront someone and tell them you no longer require their services. Most managers will have feelings of guilt, concern about the staff member and their family, … Continue reading

Minimising conflict in the workplace

The workplace can be a very emotional place. When there are competitive, professional, driven people, all focused on being noticed, performing well, achieving, and effectively competing with one another for results and attention, there are bound to be animosities and … Continue reading

Tackling conflict in the workplace

Sometimes you just have to face up to the person who is causing the conflict and tackle them head on. But first you must arm yourself with solid evidence and develop an action plan to defuse the conflict. Whether you … Continue reading

Leading Virtual Teams

Leading and managing a virtual team presents its own challenges, as team members usually don’t meet face to face, but interact remotely with their manager or leader. It is becoming more common for some team members to work remotely. It … Continue reading

Leading Virtual Teams Part 2

In a traditional setting, managers can communicate and team build informally by chatting to staff they encounter during the day, at their desks, before and after meetings, in the staff restaurant. They can observe their staffs’ habits, skills, strengths and … Continue reading

Managing People Quiz

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of these modules of the “Managing People” lessons in the Management Skills Courses, specifically;- Minimising conflict in the workplace Tools and techniques for handling conflict in the workplace Tackling conflict in the … Continue reading

Human resource management

Human resource management (HR) or personnel management as it used to be termed, is the name given to the business function charged with maximizing the productivity and profitability of an organization by optimizing the effectiveness of its employees. Formal systems … Continue reading

Human resource management Part 2

Roles and responsibilities No two days are likely to be the same in Human Resources, as tasks are many and varied, and although staff are largely pro-active, they will often have to be reactive if problems occur. An HR manager … Continue reading

Employee Engagement Part 1

What is the business case for employee engagement? If people enjoy their work , and are happy in the work environment, they interface better with customers, perform better, stay with the company, take less time off sick, make suggestions for … Continue reading

Employee Engagement Part 2

What makes an employee feel engaged? It is very difficult to generalise, but factors that are likely to make staff feel engaged are a sense of “family”, of belonging to a team or company, of social fulfilment. This is often … Continue reading

Employee Engagement Part 3

What can Management do to help? What is clear is that the attitude, behaviour and mind-set of Senior Managers is crucial in developing staff engagement. So the first task for Senior Leaders must be to ensure all line managers are … Continue reading

Management style

What determines leadership style? To some extent management style is an expression of personality, and a reflection of experiences and lessons learnt. It describes the principles that underline the way the manager makes decisions and relates to their staff. Like … Continue reading

Management styles

There are very many ways of classifying and describing common management styles, although of course everyone’s style is unique, in as much as it is coloured by their personality. The Democratic Manager or Participative Manager will allow their staff quite … Continue reading

Managing People Quiz 2

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of these modules of the “Managing People” lessons in the Management Skills Courses, specifically;- Human resource management Human resource management 2 Employee Engagement Part 1 Employee Engagement Part 2 Employee Engagement Part … Continue reading

Organisational Psychology

Let’s have a look at a few areas of Organisation and Management that perhaps need a little explanation, or at least definition. Organisational Psychology, Organisational Development, and Organisational Politics are phrases that crop up often in my postbag, with people … Continue reading

Organisational Development

Organisational development is a people focused discipline, a systematic approach to building and improving organisational performance and effectiveness. It aligns strategy, people and processes organisation wide to develop a concerted, sustained, effort to streamline and optimise performance using behavioural science … Continue reading

Organisational Politics

First, let’s define politics; – the activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially the debate between parties having power. activities aimed at improving someone’s status or increasing power within an organization Organisational Politics, or Workplace Politics … Continue reading