Managing Sales Staff Lessons

How to recruit salespeople

Sales staff move around a lot, over half of sales staff are probably thinking about a move at any one time. The reasons they move are to improve their salary and compensation, improve their career prospects, and perhaps to find … Continue reading

Sales Career Paths

If you are a salesperson, what can you expect as a career path? Some companies will accept non-graduates for their Sales department. Some large employers have graduate training schemes and management programmes designed to fast track high calibre staff to … Continue reading

How to train new Sales People

Sales people need to know several things, and whether they are new to sales, or just new to your company depends what training you should provide for them. 1. They need to understand theoretical sales and the sale process. 2. … Continue reading

The Sales Process

Here are a couple of points to consider when you are inducting new salespeople to the team. Ensure each new team member gets a personal introduction to the team, and is introduced to the team and company culture They should … Continue reading

Ongoing Sales Training

It is a good idea for a salesperson to continually compare and assess their results. It helps them to avoid becoming “stale”, and slip into poor habits. They need to hone and sharpen their skills continually. How does a salesperson … Continue reading

Sales Best Practices

Most Sales learning and development happens on the job, in the selling situation. To consolidate this, live performance coaching with feedback and analysis is the key. If they are being shadowed, then specific feedback can easily and effectively be given … Continue reading

Who Should You Recruit?

Imagine you are Sales Manager. Knowing what you know now, who should you recruit? Should you recruit novices and train them in your own methodology, or buy in experts for a quick win? The answer probably depends on the situation … Continue reading

Managing Sales Staff – Conclusion

So, I hope you have found our look at Recruiting, Training and Managing a Sales Team useful. Sales are the lifeblood of any commercial company. Without strong, vibrant Sales, there is no company. So, unless you are a charity or … Continue reading

Research, Small Business and Sales Staff Quiz

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of these modules of the “Research“, “Small Business” and “Managing Sales Staff” lessons in the Business Models Courses. You can navigate backwards and forwards to review your responses by using the appropriate buttons. … Continue reading