Marketing, Advertising and Promotional Ideas Lessons

How to promote a product

You are asked to manage the launch of some new products. Your objective is to boost sales and build brand recognition. Let’s have a look at a few things we need to consider here. First off, you want to create … Continue reading

Designing a Promotional plan

Marketing strategy The promotional plan must be consistent with the company’s Marketing Strategy. This is the overall plan to deliver the targeted marketing objectives for the brand, product or company. A key objective of marketing strategy is often to keep … Continue reading

Objectives of the Promotional Plan

There can be a wide range of objectives for your promotional plan, not just a new product launch. Targets may be general sales increase, acquisition of market share, brand equity creation, market positioning, defensive pricing, or creation of a corporate … Continue reading

Marketing Tools

Now let’s look in some more details at the tools, and tactics you might consider, so you can decide what is most appropriate for your particular campaign. There are the more traditional methods to consider, but also the newer internet … Continue reading

More Traditional marketing tools

Get influencers to review Give or send sample sizes of products to those who are in a position to review them. Look for people who have clout and credibility, such as celebrities, professionals or experts whose feedback and endorsement will … Continue reading

Ideas To Promote Your Product

Continuing our look at even more ideas to promote your product and work into your multi layered promotional plan. Offer a free upgrade If your business provides services, or even products, with frequent repeat business, you can offer an upgrade … Continue reading

Online Opportunities

Now we move on to consider online opportunities for promotion of your product or company. ONLINE OPPORTUNITIES e-commerce website You will need to set up a site that allows clients to purchase your product online to take full advantage of … Continue reading

More online marketing tools

Email marketing. This is a very effective way of marketing directly to customers, as long as you have their email address. It can have an immediate impact on sales. You can write newsletters, share news of your product, photos, and … Continue reading

Promotional or Marketing Plan

So, in this group of modules we set out to review the marketing, promotional and advertising activities that can be deployed to promote new and existing products, ranges or companies. As you have seen the tools available are numerous, and … Continue reading

Advertising and Promotional Ideas Quiz

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of these modules of the “Advertising and Promotional Ideas” lessons. You can navigate backwards and forwards to review your responses by using the appropriate buttons. The pass mark is 700 out of … Continue reading