Marketing Tools

Now let’s look in some more details at the tools, and tactics you might consider, so you can decide what is most appropriate for your particular campaign.

There are the more traditional methods to consider, but also the newer internet marketing, which is such an important part of today’s strategies.

New and emerging web-related advertising and marketing tools offer substantial advantages over conventional advertising, such as audience reach, precision of targeting, level of control, measurement and analysis, and cost-effectiveness.

Whether they are the right tools for your product will largely depend on the target audience for the product and their propensity to use digital media.

Advertising and promotional ideas

We will begin by examining the more traditional methods first. Some businesses will find it effective to use both traditional and internet promotions, and some of the ideas we will suggest can be used either in store on online


Print adverts in newspapers or magazines

The cost of this type of Ad is usually based on its size, full-page being most expensive. These types of ads are relatively expensive, and print circulations are generally falling as many turn to the internet for their reading material and information. You need to consider carefully who will see them. Keep in mind that these ads will be solely visual, so you need some strong imagery

Radio or TV ads

Television Ads incorporate both audio and visual messages. Cost is based on airtime, both duration and popularity of the programming. It pays to keep it as short as you can and plan your message very carefully.

Radio – Ads are solely audio, so you need to be creative to effectively convey your message. Catchy jingles or memorable slogans are often effective.

In -store promotions

If you have a “bricks and mortar” store or stores, you can promote the new product there. You can use the promotion in your advertising to attract a crowd, use logos and signage, and promotional materials in the store. You could offer discounts, or other promotional offers such as a buy-one-get-one-free or discount off the next purchase

You might choose to market the product as being exclusively available at your stores. Emphasise that the offer is time limited, to give customers a sense of urgency to buy now

Joint launch between manufacturer and retailer

Sometimes a manufacturer and retailer join forces to promote a product, sharing costs and benefits. This can allow the two to align their marketing, extend their reach and give a sense of exclusivity to the customer.

Offer Customers an Exclusive Preview

Your existing loyal customers can play an important role in the promotion of a new product. Offer them an exclusive preview perhaps via a private, pre-launch party, or an online preview. This has the additional advantage of making your customers feel important and valued and tying them to the company or brand