This function is inextricably linked to sales, so this option is a natural choice for anyone involved in sales or marketing, general management, or is senior in any function, so need an overview of its critical activities.

The topics we will cover will include; –

Components of Marketing, Creating a Brand, Online Marketing Strategy and activities, Marketing models, Future trends, Advertising and Promotional Ideas, Designing a Promotional plan, Marketing Tools, Online marketing tools, Marketing Plans.

Personally, I find this one of the most fascinating areas of management as it deals with human reactions to a product and its marketing strategy and allows for creativity and innovation.

To understand a topic and the tools at your disposal it is important to dissect it, deconstruct it, so that you get the basic principles right. So we begin by considering Components or elements of Marketing such as Pricing, consumer behaviour, marketing research, marketing mix, product management, marketing strategy.

Then we move on to the absorbing subject of creating a brand, and on our way, we look at some of the most iconic brands and their stories. Positively enthralling!

Online marketing is a complex and fast-moving science. Almost as soon as anything is written on this topic it is out of date, but we examine some of the basics so that you can get an appreciation of this powerful subject. We consider what an effective online marketing strategy might involve and define some terms, activities and strategies you could encounter.

We look at Marketing, Advertising and Promotional Ideas in some detail. You will learn how to define and target your client to get the most effective results from your marketing spend.

There are many tactics at your disposal including print, radio and TV ads, in store promotions, fliers, discounts, competitions, exclusive preview, review by influencers, upgrades, trade-ins, PR, social media, gift guides-the list is almost endless.

We explore many of them and consider relative cost and effectiveness for distinct types of product. We review traditional and more up to date tactics and include online activities in our appraisal.

You will be able to choose the most appropriate of these for your own product and come up with a promotional plan for your company. The most effective tools for your product will depend on a range of factors including your budget and target market, as well as the rest of your marketing strategy. Then test your new-found knowledge with our quizzes.

So this is a far -reaching foray into the world of marketing, which taken together with our sales courses will equip you to begin work in the field, or oversee it with confidence.