More online marketing tools

Email marketing.

This is a very effective way of marketing directly to customers, as long as you have their email address. It can have an immediate impact on sales. You can write newsletters, share news of your product, photos, and information with customers.

Or advise them about discounts or special offers. email new subscribers and offer them an incentive to shop, or email visitors who abandoned their cart and remind them they need to complete their purchase.

You can use an automated mailer for all this activity so you don’t have to continuously send the emails yourself

Content marketing – writing blog posts for your website

You can write a blog that promotes your own product. This is a great way to explain your product and clearly differentiate it from your competitor’s product. Keep it chatty, but informative, and succinct, letting your customers know what is happening and urging them not to miss out on this great new product.

You can use blogging to promote your company, store, range and new products. This is a great opportunity to showcase the lifestyle your product makes available to clients; what life will be like after they have bought your product.

Blogging is known to increase traffic to your site via search engine traffic, and may even bring the product to the attention of the media or other high-profile bloggers.

Target other bloggers

Rather than pay to drive traffic to your site, tap into other bloggers and social influencers’ spheres. Contact authoritative bloggers and offer them a free sample if they will review your product on their blog. Make sure they have any information they want and need to effectively promote your product. Look for bloggers in your sector, or social media influencers. This can lend your product credibility and prestige

Social media marketing

This is a fast-growing way of promoting your product

social media adverts- Use a buy button online

This is becoming available on several social media sites now, and is likely to become commonplace eventually. Where ever you see product, you will be able to purchase it directly. Even posters and billboards may have that facility eventually.


If your product is suitable, you can promote it on Pinterest. Many people use the site to plan their purchases, and if you have a Shopify site you can even create a buyable pin on the site.


Facebook data collection enables you to target your audience by gender, age, location, interest, amongst other things. You can choose from many types of ads, including text only, photo, video, external links, multi product ads. You can pre-set a budget by stipulating a daily or monthly cap on expenditure.

You can use Facebook Custom Audiences, which allows you to advertise to your website visitors or email subscribers. You can be very targeted in your messages here, because you know who your audience is. This is Facebooks explanation ;-

A Custom Audience from a customer list is a type of audience you can create made up of your existing customers. You can target ads to the audience you’ve created on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network.

You upload, copy and paste or import your hashed customer list, then we use the hashed data from it to match the people on your list to people on Facebook.

You can even add a Facebook Shop Section to your Facebook page. This enables people who see and read about your products on Facebook to purchase them by clicking on a buy button


Twitter has introduced a Twitter buy Button in the USA.


This site offers a visual opportunity that lends itself to promoting products. You can share images of your products, or a short video of one of your products in use. You could run a competition or ask influential Instagram account holders to share your product.


YouTube is a great place to promote product. You can post a video that showcases your product and use it to drive traffic to your site.