More Traditional marketing tools

Get influencers to review

Give or send sample sizes of products to those who are in a position to review them.

Look for people who have clout and credibility, such as celebrities, professionals or experts whose feedback and endorsement will persuade or influence customers to buy the product.

Flyers and leaflets

Promotional material can range from simple flyers to more elaborate pamphlets that detail product specifications and give in depth information about your product or service. They can be an important aid for representatives, agents, and others that you rely on to promote your service. They can be particularly important if the transaction will be of high value, so the purchaser may want to consult with family members before making a decision. Examples of this might be a course of study, a home improvement, or a new home.


Billboards are outdoor display advertising designed to promote products to motorists and pedestrians. There are also opportunities to promote product on buses, taxis, bus shelters, and digital screens

Run a competition

This is a great way for people to learn about your product, promote your brand, and raise your profile You can ask questions, so people need to learn about your product to enter. Make sure you give them the information they need in a readily accessible format. You can give away samples of the product or cash prizes, or a discount with your company.

Get testimonials from satisfied clients and publicise them

A powerful way to promote a new product or service is to get your customers to give you a great review that you can share, in store, in print, or online. This is very effective if you have offered a discount, upgrade or free preview to customers. People will be more likely to try a new product or service if there’s a good review from another customer.

Events such as a one-day promotion, free drink, open evening

Hosting an event is a great way to get people into your business physically. This creates a personal bond and a loyalty with them, and makes them more likely to become a repeat customer. Events can be very simple, perhaps an open house or an information session. This is effective in hairdressing, nail or beauty salons, fitness centres, yoga studios, spas, and retail stores. You must ensure everyone who attends gets personal attention from a member of staff

Branded Promotional Gifts

Giving away functional branded gifts can be more effective than handing out simple business cards. Put your business card on a calendar, memory stick, pen, notepad or key chain. Give them to your customers as gifts that they will use every day, keeping your business at the front of their minds , rather than in a cardholder with other business cards that they may never look at.

Offer special deals.

You can create a sense of urgency, or capitalise on fear of missing out, by offering a time limited deal – “while stocks last “or “this week only “. Here are some promotional ideas you could consider; –

  • Cost reduction, or discount
  • Buy this, get that free – sometimes this is a good way of selling product through that is sticking, if you bundle it with something new.
  • BOGOF – buy one get one free.
  • Three for the price of two. If you offer a selection here, stipulate that the cheapest item is free
  • Warranties – A limited-time offer of an extended warranty, either free or discounted demonstrates confidence in your product
  • Rebate – the customer has to claim a discount after the purchase has been made. Although this can increase sales, it can be a very cost-effective offer as the take up of this kind of offer is very low, because most customers will neglect to claim the rebates.
  • Offer a discount – this can take many forms, from a straightforward price reduction –“Now only ….”Right through all the offers we talked about under special deals, 3 for 2, BOGOF etc