New Franchise

My question is what to do when you have a new franchise from China for marketing and distribution of animal nutrition and health products in Nigeria.

How do we select the first Products to be pushed/launched into the Nigerian market?


The answer, as with so many things in business, is research. The franchisor will have information about the best sellers in other territories, which they should share with you. Exercise caution, though, not every market is the same, and some interpretation may be called for.

I have written at length about franchising and how the business model works. You may find it helpful to revisit this series of articles.

The Franchise Model

Before you took on the new franchise I hope you surveyed the market in your own country for these products. So you should already be aware of the products sold in your country, and perhaps even the sales on them. Certainly, you will be able to identify sellers from shelf space allocated to product in major stores in your cities.

Then you will be able to buy market intelligence from a market research company such as Nielsen or Mintel who provide insights and data about what people watch, listen to and buy in many countries

Discuss the issue with the franchisor, it is in their best interests for you to do well, they should be able to offer advice with this question. That’s the point of having a franchise -you are paying for their expertise.