Online marketing strategy

24The objective of your online marketing strategy is to use your web site to attract visitors and convert them to customers. What characterises a successful website which maximises your Online Marketing? Learn about Conversion Rate Optimization, E-marketing strategy and Email Newsletters. Find out how to automate your Emails with Auto responders, use Pay per Click Advertising and consider the use of Video on your website.

The objective of your Online or Digital marketing strategy is to use your web site to attract visitors and convert them to customers.

A successful website which maximises your Online Marketing will have certain characteristics. Let’s have a look at some of the most effective.

The purpose of your website must be clearly defined at the planning and design stage.

Is it to sell something, give information, or nurture relationships?

Every page on your site should have one, specific focus. Define this at the planning stage. And review it regularly in line with your latest objectives. It is very easy to add new pages and “lose the plot” again.

Remember that your website is not about you or your company. Your prospective clients and customers aren’t interested in you. They’re interested in what you or your product can do for them. What life will be like once they have purchased your product.

Video can often be used extremely effectively to create an image of what your product will deliver.

Walk in your clients’ shoes. Meet their needs. Address their fears and concerns. Give them ideas and solutions and solve some of their problems. Then people will want to visit your website often.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the fastest and easiest strategy for increasing leads and sales generated from your website. And it is the best way to significantly increase your leads and sales without having to spend money increasing your website traffic.

This is simply the process of making your website generate more results by being easier to navigate, more persuasive, and more trustworthy for your visitors, so more of them find what they’re looking for and take the action you want. Make sure you have landing pages where appropriate.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the first thing you should consider, even before increasing your targeted traffic.

Give people free material.

If the purpose of your business is to add value to peoples’ lives, give your visitors information they can use that will make a real difference to them.
Add content, a discussion forum, audio and video files, or even helpful web-based tools for your visitors. This will engage your website visitors and get them to take actions that lead to more conversions.

What is most relevant to your product or service? What resources or tools can you create on the site to attract new visitors and let them experience your product?

The more interactive your website is, the more likely your visitors will revisit it and use it as a resource.

For example, a Website Optimisation site might offer a free “Page Analyzer” tool, allowing visitors to analyse the performance of their web pages and get recommendations for improvement.

Such a page will generate more leads than any other page on your website – more traffic than the home page!

Other ideas may be to offer free training, useful articles on online marketing, or even free templates if you are a legal or health and safety advisor.

E-marketing strategy.

Grow your business significantly by adopting an effective e-marketing strategy. Collect your Customers and Prospects’ Email addresses – and then make sure you use them to follow up, by communicating regularly and effectively with their customers and clients. Note- Communicating, not just selling!

Although this is an email going directly into a named person’s inbox, you can use it for all the activities we mentioned earlier for a blog

To thank people for their business,

  • A special offer,
  • Give them a free article or report
  • Give a discount
  • Send a newsletter
  • Recommend a product or service
  • Ask for referrals,
  • Share some news
  • Ask why they’ve not done business with you

…anything you want to communicate with them.

Email Newsletter

An email newsletter is simply an informative letter mailed to subscribers via email. It must have useful content and information appreciated by your database of readers, otherwise people will perceive it as spam and unsubscribe.

Sending an email newsletter is a powerful way to stay in touch with your customers. Your business and products stay on their “radar,” so the odds are they will think of you first the next time they need something you offer!

Actually, a quality Email newsletter is probably the best Customer Acquisition and retention tool, and is cost effective.

So, every few weeks send out an “informative letter” covering areas of interest to your subscribers including helpful articles and tips, news, free stuff and special offers.

Automate your Emails with Auto responders. One of the reasons that Email Marketing is so powerful is because,if you set it up properly, your entire email operation can be automated.

Using auto responders means that you can decide at the start of the campaign who gets which emails and when they get them.

You can create a system where people who purchase a particular product or service receive a series of emails leading them to further purchases. And the entire process is automated – which means that you can make money while you sleep!

Test Pay per Click Advertising

Pay per Click will get you to the top of the search engines without spending months on search engine optimization.

You only pay when someone visits your site, unlike most internet advertising. How much you pay will depend on the competition there is in your category. Remember, as with all marketing, TEST and MEASURE the results.

Use Video on your website Video has revolutionized the internet and is very successful and effective. For a small investment of time and money you can turn your website into a multimedia vehicle, giving your customers the most effective direct experience of your products and services possible.

If you combine video with email marketing, pay per click and advanced internet marketing, the results can be tremendous.

Use split-testing.

All highly successful online Entrepreneurs use testing. This means that you continually test alternative versions of your web pages, to see which attract the most customers and sales. You can use Google Analytics to configure and test.