Organisational Skills

114Organisational skills is a term that describes the ​ability to use ​time, ​energy, ​and resources ​effectively to ensure you ​achieve your goals and objectives.

It is a business competency that is a basic requirement for anyone who has business ambitions .It is not just about good filing and effective scheduling, but also about forward planning, and continually reviewing the business plan and the company direction, goals and objectives. Time management skills have a part to play.

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Being well organised allows you to operate effectively, easily access business data, prioritise, focus on goals and keep staff and employees updated.

Poorly organised behaviour can irritate managers, staff, and customers, and waste everyone’s time. .Even if someone is brilliant, their poor organisational skills can impinge on everyone around them, and can even lead to a general loss of productivity and effectiveness for the whole department or business.

It pays to keep order in your physical surroundings, your office, and your computer files, as well as in your thinking, as it helps to run the business as effectively as will help you to be punctual for meetings and appointments , hit your deadlines and maximise your own and others productivity . You will be working smarter, not harder. You can be seen to be depended upon.

Management and organisational skills

Key management and organisational skills would include the ability to;

Manage time
Multi task
Pay attention to details

And to Deploy ;-

Analytical skills
Communications skills.
Problem solving skills
Decision making skills
People skills
Team skills

Improving your organisational skills

Here are some ideas to help you develop your organisational skills

  • Plan and schedule. Plan next week at the end of this week , plan tomorrow tonight
  • Keep a list of what needs to be done. You don’t have to do everything yourself. If you make a list , it will help you to select what you can delegate and prioritise the rest
    Set goals with timelines
  • Prepare in advance. Never arrive at a meeting or an appointment without having prepared yourself as best you can. Even if time is tight, try to refresh your memory, or ask someone to summarise previous contacts between the two parties for you.
  • Prepare each evening for the following day, even if you just have time to read through your planned itinerary. This way your subconscious mind will work on details overnight and you may wake with some great business ideas. Also you will sleep better knowing you have the day sorted out in your mind.
  • Try beginning your day early. Many successful people have this habit in common. Productivity is often at its highest early in the day, and you can probably reflect and plan in peace at that time of day.
  • Use an effective filing system so you don’t waste time looking for the right file or folder.
  • Evaluate your priorities on a regular basis. Don’t perform tasks out of habit
  • Don’t undertake unrealistic deadlines -Say no if you have to, giving your reasons.

I hope that quick look at organisational skills has been a useful reminder for you , and you have each found something to work on.

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