Poor management

Thank you so much for the information. Usually staff will mainly have problems arising from how the bosses treat and look at them for example. Some organizations will have a manager who thinks they are better than his junior staff and is always trying to boss himself around. And has nothing positive to say about anything you do. Please advise.


I hear this every day. it is the most common question I am asked. It seems like everybody has a difficult manager. We all need to learn to work with this kind of situation

I have written at length about the whole topic of conflict at work, and offered advice about dealing with it.

The workplace is often a difficult, competitive arena and it seems we all need the skills to navigate the problems it throws up.

Please re-read these sections of the site for my advice on dealing with your situation

In this module I talk about the steps you can take to manage conflict, and the importance of effective communication, interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.

Minimising conflict in the workplace

in this module we consider different personality types and how to approach them.We think about trying to resolve conflict in a positive way , and learn some problem solving and leadership skills .

Tools and techniques for handling conflict in the workplace

In this last module on the topic we consider strategies for tackling difficult employees, managers and colleagues

Tackling conflict in the workplace

I hope this has helped you to see ways of dealing with your situation.

As for his lack of positive comments about anything you do, perhaps ask him for some feedback next time you complete a piece of work for him.

“Is that what you were looking for? I’m not sure, you don’t say if it is what you needed “

Perhaps you will shock him into making a positive comment!