Producing a promotional plan

I would like to request you advise on the following query that I met in my

I work in a profit seeking company yesterday they asked to make a “plan of
the promotion” can you please help me?


I assume you mean they want you to produce a promotional plan. This is used in marketing to produce a strategic plan to promote a product or range of products.

The plan details the tools and strategies you will use to achieve your sales targets. It should include how you will win and retain leads and customers for the product.

It needs to be factual and include objectives, and actual numbers you expect to achieve, and the costs that will be incurred.

The plan will include several steps, which I will briefly outline here.

First you should define the product or service you are working on, and its USPs (Unique selling points) in the context of your target market, and what you can uniquely offer them.

You might use a swot analysis here (an overview of your products strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) to help you position the product in the market and define your target market

You may find these links helpful; –

Market Research

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Then you should define your target market, defining the demographic-age, sex, marital status, geographical location, earning power.

Now define your marketing goals, such as monthly sales. Remember to make them SMART

You are now ready to design your campaign, this is your plan to communicate with prospects and turn them into customers. This will detail the marketing mix, i.e. communication strategies, the tactics you will employ, whether it will be an email campaign, press or TV advertising, leaflets, billboards, PR.

Now you need to set your marketing budget and allocate spending across the channels you are using. Document expected returns in terms of sales and gross profits.

Hope this is helpful. I will publish a longer , more detailed version of this topic shortly, so look out for that .