Promoting within or outside the organisation

Can you give me some advice please?

Should I choose managers from within the organisation for promotion, as I have nurtured them to my way of thinking. Or is it better to recruit from outside the organisation?


Another great question. There are arguments for both courses of action, and it also depends on the type of vacancy you want to fill.

Talented ambitious people want to join companies where they know they will have the chance of advancement. Also, as you say, you have nurtured these people and they are knowledgeable in the way you want things done, so this can produce a harmonious team all pulling in the same direction.

As long as you have people who can move up to replace the person who has been promoted, and you are sure your employee is a great candidate for the job, then this can be a good plan.

But on the other hand, you may benefit from introducing new blood into the mix. There might be people on the market who are much more suitable for the role. You might recruit someone who asks the question nobody thinks of, or dares to ask. They might be disruptive in a good way, in that they stimulate those around them, unleashing new thinking and new ideas in your own people.

And you might be missing out on some of the best talent around. People who could take your company in new directions. And if you don’t invite applications, and see who is available, you will never know.

So, although it is very commendable to promote from within, perhaps you should keep an eye on who is available on the market. So perhaps rather than having a fixed policy, keep an open mind, and deal with each case as it arises.

So why not advertise positions both within and outside the organisation and see who is the best fit for the position you have available, and who can contribute the most to your business.

Good luck