Advertising and Promotional Ideas

The Advertising and Promotional Ideas Quiz


Posts on social media are not a very targeted and cost-effective way of advertising your product.


A problem with online advertising now is that many online users actively avoid advertising, by using ad-blockers in their browser, and spam filters, to eliminate ads.


New and emerging web-related advertising and marketing tools offer substantial advantages over conventional advertising, such as; -


The essence of advertising and marketing is to define your target customer, and then ensure that your message gets to that segment of the population.


To promote your product using Email marketing, you don’t need your clients’ email address.


Creative marketing fulfils an existing need, whilst Responsive marketing creates the need, usually for a new product, providing solutions the customer didn’t know they needed


A powerful way to promote a new product or service is to get your customers to give you a testimonial that you can share, in store, in print, or online. People will be more likely to try a new product or service if there’s a good review from another customer.


SMART objectives should be
Specific, Memorable, Achievable, Realistic, Timebound


When developing a promotional plan, factors you need to consider include:- Choose all that apply


The promotional plan does not need to be consistent with the company’s Marketing Strategy.

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