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Intellectual property is a contentious issue - Who owns the data you store online? Your business or the company storing it? There has already been controversy over changes in terms of service for Cloud services such as Facebook and Instagram, concerning what they can do with your photos. There is a distinction between data you upload, and data you create in the cloud. The provider may have a claim on ownership of the latter.


The more established players, who must contend with legacy systems, data compliance issues, and need to factor in the cost of migration, do not have the option of adopting a hybrid Cloud approach, running some parts of the business from an on-premises system, with other parts run in the Cloud.


The Cloud offers the opportunity to ;-
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New start-ups these days will often set up using Cloud services, which will give them an immediate advantage over established competitors who will have set up with traditional on- premises systems. This means they will have significant investments in business processes, and face costs to migrate to cloud-based services.


The Internet of Things will rely heavily on Cloud Technology as it will need to process and make sense of monumental amounts of data. It is the insights from this data that will drive it.


If you rely on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), you depend on the supplier for patches and upgrades, and inevitably you lose some control. If you use on-premises products, you can control the timing of fixes and upgrades.


Regarding security;-
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In some cases, the balance of power in a market can shift as the new entrants topple the less agile established players, their rapid expansion powered by new technologies. Their agility has enabled start-ups to disrupt the market, taking market share from established players. They do not have to deal with legacy systems and processes.


Cloud services will usually deliver advantages in terms of ;-
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Every business should evaluate Cloud services when considering strategy.If they don’t, they risk being overtaken by new disruptive market entrants. No industry is immune to the threat of disruption by businesses that have adopted cloud strategy as a means to develop their business beyond all recognition.

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