Decision Making and Business Strategy

The Decision Making and Business Strategy Quiz

1. PEST analysis, an acronym for
2. Probably the most important role of the executive today is to ensure the business strategy considers new technological developments and positions the company to use or exploit the new technology.
3. Brainstorming;-
Select all that apply
4. Brainstorming;-
Select all that apply
5. SWOT is an acronym for
6. A PEST analysis can be quantified to facilitate selection between several alternatives. This can be done by scoring and weighting the items in each of the sections and adding the score for each box.
7. Strategic management is an ongoing process that evaluates and controls the business in which the company is involved.
8. SWOT analysis deals with some internal factors so usually analyses a business unit, a proposition or idea. It is often used in competitor analysis.
9. Brainstorming is often credited with producing creative, radical ideas. It provides an open environment with no preconceptions so can build on unconventional ideas.
10. A PEST analysis deals with external factors so usually analyses market potential, considering factors such as growth or decline, strategy, market attractiveness, business potential, business and strategic planning, marketing planning, business and product development

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