The Leadership Quiz

1. Brainstorming is a process involving a group of people thinking about a clearly defined problem in a relaxed forum .Everyone is asked to abandon their normal ways of thinking, contribute ideas, saying anything they think of without appraisal or interpretation. Ideas need not be fully thought through proposals. There is no evaluation, opinion or appraisal of proposals
2. Good time management skills include:-
Choose all that apply
3. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs model;-
Choose all that apply
4. Managing the delivery and coaching the delivery team is where Leadership meets Management. Often the same person is the Leader and Manager, and the requisite skills sets collide and overlap. Sometimes the Visionary has a management team around them to handle delivery of the Vision. But the thing that sets Leaders apart from Managers is the Vision.
5. Emotional Intelligence:-
Choose all that apply
6. Consider the outcomes of an effective appraisal meeting versus a poor one A constructive appraisal meeting is one in which:-
Choose all that apply
7. Leadership trait theory is an early leadership theory that says that there are certain inborn traits or attributes that mean people are more likely to succeed as leaders. So it infers that leaders are born, rather than made.
8. Kirkpatrick and Locke say that research identifies the key traits for leaders as:
Choose all that apply
9. To resolve conflict positively you should;-
Choose all that apply
10. Delegation will:-
Choose all that apply

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