Management Theories

The Management Theories Quiz

1. Theory X is an authoritarian style of management, based on a belief that most people do not like work and must be forced to work towards their company goals and objectives.
2. Nudge theory was developed from ;-
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3. Theory Y ;-
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4. Theory X Managers
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5. As theory X managers are so results oriented, the best way to work with them is to deliver the results they want or need.
6. Theory X managers can be characterised as results-driven and intolerant. They will often issue deadlines, threats and instructions, rather than asking for something to be done
7. Research indicated that people cannot be steered towards better decisions by presenting choices differently.
8. Rather than instructing people, governments try to educate and inform them about say, better lifestyle choices.
9. The theory is that by understanding how people think, positive reinforcement can influence how they act, and help them choose wisely, for their good and the benefit of society.
10. Theory X style of management encourages staff development, allows them to develop, achieve things, and enables and empowers them.

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