The Managing People 2 Quiz

1. HR staff may be involved in;-
Select all that apply
2. The HR manager needs to have a good understanding of the business, its objectives and future plans
3. The HR manager is usually responsible for;-
Select all that apply
4. Factors that can help develop staff engagement include;-
Select all that apply
5. A managers style is entirely personal to them , and they should never adopt one style in a certain situation, and even slightly modify their style in response to another situation and set of employees.
6. The key to using management style to advantage, and finding the most effective style for you is;-
Select all that apply
7. A Mangers style does not in any way influence how their staff respond to them.
8. Leadership style is affected by a number of factors including;-
Select all that apply
9. Annual employee engagement surveys are considered outdated and ineffective because they do not help to create employee engagement, merely measure it .
10. Engaged employees;-
Select all that apply

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