Managing People

The Managing People Quiz

1. Transactional Analysis was developed by Eric Byrne and is a technique used for building confidence in verbal communication. He says that people can adopt one of three states in a communication - the Parent, Adult or Child:-
Select all that apply
2. Leading virtual teams;-
Select all that apply
3. If a manager detects a conflict, the best course of action is to ignore it, it may resolve itself
4. If a mistake is made it is important to find out who made it.
5. A transparent, written process for employee dismissal ensures that employees know what is expected of them, where they are failing, and gives them the tools to correct their failure. They should not be given the time and opportunity to get back on course.
6. When dealing with a persistent Complainer:-
Select all that apply
7. When minimising conflict, an effective manager needs tools and techniques to:-
Select all that apply
8. The Six Principles of Influence were defined by Robert Cialdini, and published in his book, "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion." in 1984.
9. If you want to persuade management to accept your idea, it is a good idea to;-
Select all that apply
10. It is important to develop employees to become future managers because:-
Select all that apply

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