Managing Sales Staff

The Managing Sales Staff Quiz


It is a good idea to keep an ongoing file of potential candidates who approach you. Follow them up, even if you don’t have a vacancy, and find out about their track record, maybe even meet them. Then you have a shortlist that you can use to approach potential candidates at the time you need someone.


An empathetic salesperson will gain trust and establish rapport with clients. They do this by: -
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The skills and personal qualities you need in your sales team very much depends on the sales role they will fulfill. These vary enormously, as do salespeople themselves


The very best salespeople aren’t always talkers, they’re actually effective listeners, building rapport with clients by showing empathy with them and their circumstances and questioning carefully to determine the client’s needs.


A good salesperson should; -
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A good salesperson is resilient enough to be able to accept that some clients are just not going to want their product, and this is not a reflection of them or their ability.


When training Sales people, ensure they have this knowledge; -
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A successful salesperson; -
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Research suggest that people who understand their own strengths and weaknesses are most effective, because they develop a strategy to deal with their environment


The Sales process includes the following steps; -
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