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The Managing The Business 1 Quiz


Business Continuity Management (BCM) usually involves having a contingency plan in place should disaster strike, to ensure that essential functions can continue during and after the disaster, and to minimize the disruption by avoiding the impact of an unplanned interruption of service.


When the exact specification for the project is defined and agreed it should;-
Select all that apply


In an evolution of CSR strategy, forward thinking companies are increasingly helping to support poorer communities in areas that could one day become rewarding markets for them.


When planning a project, particular attention needs to be paid to interdependent tasks, where one task cannot be begun until another is completed.


The critical path is the length of the sequence of tasks that have to be completed individually so that the project is completed.


When planning a project, its scope is agreed with the management who are financing the project. The intended Project Manager will usually be directly involved in this stage, and will not allow any negotiation or debate.


All companies would be well advised to plan how they can take protective measures because;-
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Emergency plans should include;-.
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Producing a formal written CSR policy
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A company CSR policy must include the business’ Health and Safety Policy

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