Managing The Business 3

The Managing The Business 3 Quiz


Creative thinking business tools include;-
Select all that apply


Benchmarking business performance is the process of making comparisons with other people, processes or businesses, in order to;-
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The Business Excellence Model was originally developed by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).
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A good meeting;-
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If you are asked to attend a meeting, show consideration for colleagues by participating even if you have nothing to offer, be part of the discussion, contribute ideas and answer questions even if your contribution is irrelevant.


Minutes circulated within a day or two are effective because;-
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Creative thinking requires us to come up with a new and different perspective, breaking down the topic and restructuring it to gain new insights, by organising our thoughts differently.


Perhaps a good definition of creative thinking is seeing the same thing everyone else sees.


If you need to report to a group of your staff that everything is on track, it is usually acceptable to send an email with that status report, saying you don’t propose to call a meeting unless anyone deems it necessary, and ask if anyone has any questions or comments.


Factors to consider in designing a performance measurement system are;-
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