The Negotiating Skills Quiz

1. The compromise area for agreement is between each parties target and deal break position.
2. All negotiations follow the same phases. Opening, testing, moving and agreeing. Planned, professional negotiations have additional steps of preparation and planning prior to the negotiation, and review after the negotiation is complete.
3. Be careful not to undermine your opposition by querying assumptions they have made, facts they have stated, conclusions drawn.
4. It is important to always ask the other party in a negotiation why they feel they should have certain concessions
5. which of the following are good principle to follow, tick all that apply
6. It should be cost-effective in terms of concessions gained, to give away any option that does not cost you much, but means a lot to them.
7. When you plan your campaign strategy you should consider:-
Tick all that apply
8. In a negotiation any concession made should be “taken ownership of “.
9. Price is always included in a negotiation.
10. It is always a good idea to put down markers in a negotiation, to make clear what you want.

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