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The audience for online marketing is estimated to be close to 1 billion internet users worldwide.


Search engine optimization (SEO) improves the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or free ("organic”) search results. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads show up above and to the right hand side of organic search results.


Taking visitors to a landing page means that your link takes them straight to your home page.


To engage your website visitors and get them to take actions that lead to more conversions, it is a good idea to;-
Add content, have a discussion forum,use audio and video files,and add web-based tools .


Ads can be shown on relevant web pages or beside search results using ALL these services;-
Ad Words, LinkedIn, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Google AdSense


Web Intelligence Tools such as Google Alerts can be used to automatically scan the Net daily and provide you with a list of Social Networking opportunities by finding online discussions and blog posts related to your product or service.


On Twitter, you can use hash tags (#online marketing, for example) to track conversations on a particular topic and invite others to join.


Tools such as Google Analytics will help you track ;-
Which pages are the most effective at turning visitors into leads, the keywords and links people use to find your site and how visitors interact with your content and tools.


Split-testing is the term for testing alternative versions of your web pages, to see which attract the most customers and sales.


Types of online advertising include Banner, In-game, Keyword advertising, Blogs

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