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Organisational development is a systematic approach to building and improving organisational performance and effectiveness. It aligns strategy, people and processes organisation wide to develop a concerted, sustained effort to streamline and optimise performance using behavioural science theories.


Organisational Politics;-
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Practitioners of Organisational psychology may look at topics such as innovative selection methods, key workplace issues, the impact of technology, how work place stress can be reduced, mindfulness and wellbeing, culture, change.


Organisations themselves are political structures. They are set up in a hierarchical way, with power distributed according to one’s place in the pyramid. People compete for power, resources, salary, glory and the development of their career.


Organisational psychology is an applied discipline within psychology. It is also known as ;-
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Organisational Politics means the behaviour used by people to pursue their own, or their groups’, interests, as opposed to the organisation’s interests and goals. It is the struggle for positions of power and influence and the ability to make decisions that affect others.


Organisational development embraces disciplines such as ;-
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A key difference between Organisational Development and Change Management is that Organisational Development is a continuous commitment to improving organisational effectiveness, whilst Change Management is a process designed to streamline a specific event.


The aim of Organisational psychology is to be instrumental in the effectiveness and profitability of the company, improve working experience and the organisational aspects of the company, and to get the best performance from employees, improving their job satisfaction.


Once executives have hammered out policy in an open manner in the Boardroom they will not challenge it

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