Recruitment and Management of Staff

The Recruitment and Management of Staff Quiz

1. A job description usually includes a job specification, and a person specification, and the competencies required for the role
2. Performance management is commonly achieved through annual performance appraisals.
3. It is advisable to carry out a full exit interview to seek the reason for leaving, this is best done by the line manager.
4. Good practices for retaining and developing staff include;-
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5. High staff turnover can;-
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6. Competency based interviews are so called because they find the most competent candidate.
7. Feedback will work best when events are described rather than judged.
8. In competency based interviews, the interviewer will ask questions to find out if the candidate has the skills and competencies identified for the role. The candidate needs to respond with related examples of how they have handled situations in the workplace to demonstrate those skills or competencies.

A good appraisal meeting:
Focuses on a list of errors, problems or omissions.
Allocates blame.
The appraiser does most of the talking, there is not a two way dialogue.
Solutions are not proposed.
Ends in argument or disagreement between appraiser and appraisee.
Leaves the appraisee feeling demotivated.

10. A line manager can discuss the career aspirations of each of his staff during performance appraisals, and at other opportunities.

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